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Melanie presented vital technical information about cyber security in a way that was easy for all in the group to understand along with some awesome quick and simple action plans to implement myself that have made me feel much more at ease about my online security!

Maraget Wake, Youth Worker, London, Ontario

As a devoted and concerned parent I would recommend every school board and home & school association to offer this session to their staff and parents. It will be an investment you will be glad you made.

Jackie Thomas, Breakthrough Canada, Kitchener, Ontario

I simply cannot say enough great things about what I learned. For sure all the suggested changes will be done along with a more proactive approach from myself. Thank you.

Linda Roush Pokolm, 4keycorners Bookkeeping London, Ontario.

My children are young but are on the computer and I want to start putting into place some “cyber smart” rules now so when they get older they realize just how important it is to be respectful, smart and protected offline as well as online! Thanks Melanie Rhora for helping with this!!

Leah Fletcher, parent, Kitchener, Ontario

Melanie is a great instructor. She is very patient and answers all questions in a manner that can be understood by non-technical users. Choosing Melanie Rhora to train our faculty and staff was the best decision we made!

Luiz Capretz, Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Western University

Trustworthy Guidance For Your Family’s Cyber Safety

If you need some help and guidance when it comes to raising or mentoring kids in this constantly changing digital world, you are not alone.

I’m Melanie Rhora, cyber security expert, mom and founder of Cyber Smart Canada Inc. and I get what it is like to parent in a digital world.  The fantastic thing is with my security background, I have transformed my knowledge into power for you as a parent or organization to keep our kids safe.

I’m on a serious mission to help communities Get Cyber SMART and help families create a balanced approach to online safety.  It is really possible, and you don’t have to live without technology to make it happen.

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Most cyber-security seminars are focused in fear and scare adults into worrying about the effects of poor digital choices by our kids (cyberbullying, sextortion, pornography, and device addiction).  Our program is about empowering families to develop a complete digital understanding of safety practices to protect their most vulnerable members no matter what the issue is. 

Using our SMART method, parents and mentors will be able to guide children in creating a preventative thought system that will help them & their kids avoid almost any digital problem (both now & in the future).  So instead of reacting to a digital ailment (like sexting), we help families prevent the injury from happening.  Of course, we still talk about what to do as a parent or mentor if these issues arise, however when you begin an ongoing conversation with your youngsters (and the earlier we start these conversations the better), they will act responsibility to technology. (The same way we teach our children to respect heat when they are very young, and as they are older they just know not to touch a hot stove.)

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With the prevalence of cyber bullying (almost 90% of kids have dealt with some form of it), sextortion, online pornography as well as scams and traps targeting kids, it is imperative that adults understand both the technology that brings these items into our homes and how to keep our most vulnerable family members safe.

That’s why we developed our Cyber Smart Parent Club portal.   When you join, you gain complete access to all our content including step by step instructions for setting up privacy settings and parental controls, video guides, tip sheets as well as our private Facebook group to ask your pressing questions and get the answers  you need directly from one of our cyber security experts.  You’ll also gain access to our Stay SMART™ service that delivers up to date changes that you as a parent need to know about to keep your kids safer online.

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